Beginning Lessons
(30 minute session)


$30/month             1 class per week

$50/month             2 classes per week






(1.5 hour sessions)


$100/month           1 classes per week
$135/month            2 classes per week




(1.5-2 hour sessions)

$125/month              2 classes per week

$150month               3 classes per week

Extra Routine           $50/month

Age Group & Juniors

(2 -3 hour sessions)


$200/month         3 classes per week

(2-3 hour sessions twice weekly and one 3-3.5 hour session on Saturdays)


Extra Routine      $50/month








Masters Competitive

(1.5 hour sessions)


$75/month                1 class per week $100/month              2 classes per week

$20                             Drop in fee






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Rates 2021-2022 Season


We offer a 25% off second swimmer discount.​
USA Artistic Swimming Fees

Trial Membership (30 day membership - Beginning Lessons only) $15 annual fee

Recreational Athlete (Novice, Recreational Masters) $50.00 annual fee

Competitive Athlete (Intermediate, Age-Group & Competitive Masters) $100.00 annual fee

Pacific Waves Synchronized Swim Club is a member of USA Artistic Swimming. Membership to USA Artistic Swimming is required for competitive and insurance reasons.

Masters Recreational

(1 hour session)


$55/month                1 class per week 

$15                              Drop in fee




PNA Fees

All Athletes                                                   $10/year

Pacific Northwest Association (PNA) is our local league and includes all artistic (synchronized) swim clubs competing in the Puget Sound area as well as the Pacific Northwest Region. Fees collected help offset the cost of competitions, equipment and other expenses.